“What’s Your Social Plan? Creating the BEST Social Experience”

You’re planning your next event and can really use someone to help with creating a genuine social experience? You need help managing your social media pages and updates?  You want to ensure your guests are engaged and will have a memorable experience?  Well hire me and I will definitely create the best social experience for your event.  

                                                                I’m here for you! So if you’re ready to discuss my social experience services please complete the Get In                                                                Touch form by clicking HERE or feel free to email me at .

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“Protecting Your Peace”

Discover how to live a richer life by distancing yourself from unhealthy relationships and situations and investing in your unique talents.  You’ll learn ways to grow more thankful, balanced and inspired! Progress will help you to become empowered to protect your peace, defend your dreams and live the life you deserve!  

 Workshop, Training, or Keynote


“Protecting Your Peace While Advocating for Change”

It's already a challenge working in predominately white institutions when you're a person of color. Being burdened with micro-aggressions at every level is taxing and erodes the collective nature of "working together". Oftentimes as a person of color we become stressed out, worn out and sometimes ran out because of these taxing issues. However, these instances must be challenged and people of color can work collectively to begin to change the culture of their workplaces. This workshop will introduce participants on ways to create safe spaces, build partnerships with allies, seek help, and begin to advocate for change while still yet protecting your overall peace both in these spaces and in                                                                     one’s personal and family life.

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leveragingYourStrengths TAB.jpg

“Leveraging Your Strengths”

Cultivating what you’re good at is one of the most valuable keys to success, and in this engaging workshop you’ll learn how to identify what sets you apart from the crowd. You’ll leave ready to turn your own strengths into new possibilities!

 Workshop, Training