I love sharing great news! Business owners from around Dane & Milwaukee County have been reaching out to me inquiring about attending my expo's or just to get connected to local Black entrepreneurs with great products! To see that a few of the business owners followed through on attending and connecting for sure makes me happy! But to see the following post from Jasmine makes me even more proud of the work that we are leading together!

Congrats Jasmine Banks! And much thanks to YOU, and you too for supporting the work!

"~Send Us Your Best~

At the Heymissprogress Black Business Expo and Job Fair last weekend, I saw tons of retuning customers and new faces that I had never seen before and made some crazy cool connections! Two female business owners, one from Milwaukee and one from Verona stopped by my table and introduced themselves. They were both looking for unique items to be sold in their stores and asked if I would be interested? Me? Perfect Imperfections goodies? In your stores? Absolutely! Before I even made it home from the event, the woman from Milwaukee had sent me an email and I reached out to the woman in Verona and the conversations began. As with all things, Perfect Imperfections I have to make sure that just like with the product end, on the business side I am crossing my "I's" and dotting my "T's." Years ago, I remember watching an Oprah Winfrey interview where she discussed the importance of knowing everything about your business and not leaving it up to others or paying someone to do something and you have know idea what you or they are doing. That's a recipe for disaster and with Perfect Imperfections, I have taken those words to heart. So, I did some research and put together my first ever Wholesale Agreement and Terms of Sale to make sure that I am covered and my brand is represented in a way that aligns with Perfect Imperfections. As it gets closer to deals being signed and my goodies being displayed I will be sure to let you know where and when you can purchase Perfect Imperfections goodies in the Milwaukee, Verona and Middleton areas. As I hung up with the woman from Milwaukee her mother was in the background and sent a message to me through her daughter. She said, tell Jasmine to make sure and send us her best and I replied by thanking her for the reminder and promising her that I would." - Jasmine Banks, Perfect Imperfections


Sabrina Madison

Heymiss Progress, 316 West Washington Avenue, STE 675, Madison, WI, 53703