Back to School: From Roberta to Lauryn, Black Girls Thrive

As a child, I remember that if Betty Wright’s “No Pain, No Gain” was playing that it was likely the women we’re having ‘grown women’ talk. As children, these sort of songs were the warning to stay out of the adult’s business and definitely out of view. Of course, we crept around and kept them in our peripheral view while dressing our Cabbage Patch dolls. Maybe it was our aunt who was upset about her husband forgetting her birthday or our mother’s friend was happy about a new job. (Read more at Madison365)

Back to School: From Our Mother’s Kitchen to the Dorm Room

(Part 1 of 3)

Growing up in Milwaukee, I remember as a 10-year-old girl that back to school meant a fresh press and comb, lace socks, Bubble-Yum, and cherry lip gloss. If you were a young hip-hop head like me back in the day, you also had Eric B. & Rakim’s “Microphone Fiend” and MC Lyte’s “Lyte as a Rock” cassette tapes bumping on your Walkman.... (Read more at Madison365)

For Black Women, Powerful Ways to Protect Our Peace

The traumas in the Black community are mounting. It’s hard to escape the videos of another Black body being gunned down by police. We’re tired. We become mentally exhausted. We’re trolled on social media by people who tell us that we are to blame when we’re killed by police. (Read more at Madison365)

Black Mothers and the Pursuit of Happiness

If I’m going to be frustrated by something it’s better for me to resolve that frustration through some sort of solution-focused action. Otherwise, I’d risk ending up stuck and unable to move forward in a positive direction. So when I began receiving more messages and phone calls from Black mothers asking for help to resolve their housing issues, of course, I found myself frustrated for them. (Read more at Madison365)